Your Questions

No, there are no answers in this posting. Only questions. Pick the ones that call to you. The others may plant a seed to consider later.

Yes, there are only “right” answers. They are your answers.

Some may puzzle us, others annoy or make us smile. We may even ignore some. How we approach these is ours to decide.

But here’s a hint: any one of them can give us a glimpse into ourselves when we feel ready to focus on it––and maybe give a hint about a direction or a change for the near future.

Some lead into another related question. Take your time. Other questions more aligned with where you are at this time might surface.  

Feel free with these. No one else needs to know your answers unless you wish to share.

  • What gives you joy?  Why?
  • Does that joy also give you a sense of balanced calmness?
  • What is it that stirs uneasiness or dread?
  • Think where that uneasiness may be coming from: a past experience or does it push us into a new, uncomfortable zone?
  • Do you have a belief or perception you want to question? If yes, what could be your first step? Do you want to discuss with anyone else?
  • Can you hold space for another to heal?
  • If you hold that space, can you support instead of trying to solve their challenge?
  • Do you enjoy routine or prefer going with the flow? Or a little of both?

We would love to hear YOUR QUESTIONS. The Comment section below is for sharing, questions and comments.


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