Working With Color

Working With Color

The below practice of Working With Color is excellent for helping us increase visualization skills, enhance focus, sensitize our feel of energy, as well as recognize the influences colors may have on us. This can lead to more advanced practices involving color energy.


Sit, stand or lie down but please do not attempt this exercise if engaged in any other activity.


With eyes closed, take three slow deep breaths to relax the physical body.


  • Set intent to allow a color come into your mind.    
  • The color is usually:    Green  or  Blue  or  Pink  or  Yellow  or Violet
  • Please do NOT work with white, black, brown or red. If one of these colors appear, return another day for this practice.


  • With eyes closed, see yourself standing in a room or a location in nature filling with your color.
  • Allow the color to continue entering until your space is filled.
  • The color may be quiet with little movement or may gently swirl around you.
  • Enjoy its feel. 
  • Does the color remain one shade or does it become lighter or darker?
  • If the color shade changes, do you feel different after that change?
  • Notice where or how you feel the color energy.  Externally against your skin?     Internally? Does it trigger one or more of your senses?  (Some can smell color)
  • Focus more fully on how it makes you feel. 
  • Stay relaxed and let both the color and your sensing of it unfold naturally.
  • Release any color that feels less than positive.


  • When color or focus begins to fade, thank it for joining you and close your visualization.
  • Open eyes.
  • Remain quiet until fully focused back in the physical world.

Does anything seem changed within your feelings, thought clarity or sensing after this practice compared to before? If so, make a note of that change plus its causative color. This will help you understand that color’s influence on your own energy field and provide guidance for future advanced practices.

TIP:    A color may differ each time this practice is done, one color may arise more often than others or not arise at all.  

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