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About The Message – Words From The Wisdoms – Separateness

For those unfamiliar with messages from other energy sources, their words and phrasing may be unfamiliar. I refer to this source as Wisdom Keepers but general terms such as Guides, Teachers, Angels or Higher Self are also used by those who connect with this guidance.

This Year’s Focus

Since the beginning of 2021, the Wisdom Keepers have been especially focused on:

  • How a human’s way of viewing themselves impacts their ease and openness with, and adaptation to, change. 
  • The accelerating change energy occurring for both individuals and the bigger world in which we live. This increase in speed started more than a year ago. It holds potential for increased self-evolvement.

Words & Phrasing

Here are some tips for understanding the words and expressions included from the Wisdoms about Separateness:

  • “Form or “Forms” mean our being in a physically material form as a human
  • “Physical form” means our physical body
  • “Form World” refers to our earthly existence as humans
  • “Inner” refers to our internal beingness, our inner self
  • “Outer” means the external material world in which we exist as well as our turning our attention outward for external material world experiences and activities
  • “Identity” is our self-identity and ego
  • “Head” refers to our mental activity, perceptions, attitude

This quote is a lengthy one but it seems essential to share its full flavor.

And now the message . . .

Quote From The Wisdoms

“Let us speak upon that of separateness within the Form World. This is for all forms, but special for those that hold upon the importance of what is called identity.

“That of the outer must have a presence for form survival but that of the inner does not. It is that of the inner that will draw forth that which is needed and wanted. The only that of the inner that attracts. It is only that of the inner that draws forth.

“It is that quality of the inner that directs that same quality into the form’s outer but it is the outer that must apply that within its outer form life.

“We repeat, it is the inner that creates; it is the outer that delivers such into form life. Are they in union with the other or does the form allow the outer to lead?

“As you hear, it is from that of the inner that all is created. It is from that of the outer that all can be made difficult. When such difficult arises, awareness and evolvement is difficult to be further gained.”

ALICE SPEAKING:   “You are saying that a form’s identity or continual outward focus can intrude. Is this correct?”

“Correct. It does what you call over-rides the inner knowingness. It blocks and can twist that which is the message and quality of the inner. The over-ride abides according to form-like ways, not by the deepest of inner wise-ness.

“The head does what you call reacting and that of the inner feels.

“But within that of many, many forms rest a separateness; separate from themselves as we have just spoken and separate from those of other forms. They view themselves as the outer with the inner a much lower secondary, when it is the reverse.

“From a belief that outer leads, grows the seeing of differences from other forms––being better than another form or lesser or weaker. It is within this that the one stands apart from all others.

“The great mix of differences of the many gives strength, but the mix within the sight of separateness holds weakness.

“That of having a physical form, each appearing different from others, adds to that of feeling  different, of being separate. And here lies one of the greatest of all illusions.

“That of separateness from other forms, separateness from that of the bigger world, from that of limitless vibrations cannot be. But it is that of belief in being apart that causes fear of change. It becomes essential to the form to continue the illusion.

“Change cannot be stopped. It is belief in being different or better or fear of less that clogs and complicates such change. Within the wholeness of the many, change and evolvement can be guided and smoothed without fear.

“It is fear of self that keeps self from being whole within itself. Without that self-wholeness, comes separation from other forms and the universe. And so too comes complications for that of form.”

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