Why Not Cold?

Not feeling your hand energy? 

Having difficulty visualizing calming and grounding through roots from bottom of feet into the earth?

Unsure whether you are still cultivating or circulating energy through your pathways called meridian channels?

Why Not Cold?

It could be as simple as the temperature of food and beverage choices.

Icy cold foods and beverages can reduce the steady, smooth flow of subtle energy through the physical body. If icy ingredients are taken in over a lengthy period of time, the loss of energy sensitivity and connection can increase.  

What Are Other Options?

The following do not seem to reduce subtle energy in most practitioners:

  • Hot
  • Warm
  • Room Temperature
  • Cool

But each person is different – some more sensitive to energy than others – so be aware of any impact on you when testing the four temperatures above. It is easy to stay away from icy.


Beverages:  I remove a cold beverage from the refrigerate 30 to 45 minutes before drinking. By then, the icy cold has tempered to cool.

When ordering a beverage such as iced tea in a restaurant, I request:  “Iced tea, no ice, but a glass of ice on the side.”  If needed, it is then easy to bring the tea to a cool level.

Foods:  Removing some foods from the refrigerate is less than safe. I slightly warm them enough to take the cold-cold away.

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