Warning About Self-Connection

Warning About Self-Connection

Energy-focused self-healing and personal evolvement begin with us––the individual me. The terms themselves stress “self” and “personal.”

Part of the healing is exploring what positively supports us in our life and what does not.  This allows us to shift away from energetically limiting thoughts, emotions and habits––but focus remains on ourselves.

Releasing the unwanted heavy energy gradually leads to transformation. Coupled with it is expanding awareness. We become more sensitive to all else within our life. It is here we edge away from the sole focus on the individual me.

So why is there a warning about this journey toward improved well-being?

The initial focus fully on ourselves can slide us into self-absorption without recognizing its occurrence.

Self-healing and growth come to a halt. Our energy field contracts instead of expanding.

And that, dear friends, stops positive progress.

Is there a solution?

Yes – always keep in mind that the me-focus is a first step, not the last.

Reach out or comment below with any insight you may have about a Warning About Self-Connection that you may have experienced.


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