Upcoming Classes

Online Classes Scheduled for July Thru September, 2021. See Blog for Details and information on registration.

There is no better time to start or continue your journey toward self-awareness, healing, and expanded consciousness. It’s time, folks. Whether you’re grappling with releasing a specific situation or seek continuing evolvement, an understanding of our energy component is essential. 

Below is the schedule for classes beginning July 25th. In fact, that class is FREE. Registration is required for all classes you wish to attend.

  • All classes are scheduled for Sunday afternoons.
  • The first one-hour class is free but registration is required.
  • All other classes will be from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern with a 30- minute break at midpoint.
  • If interested in continuing into Advanced level, at least 3 classes from class grouping #1 thru #5 are required.

INTRODUCTION – We will start out by discussing tips for Deepening Your Meditation in this FREE CLASS


  • About Our Energy World
  • Two-Way Influences With Physical Health
  • Auras


  • Thoughts & Emotions: How, What, Why
  • Protections & Releases


  • Thoughts & Emotions: Self-Created & Inherited

CLASS #4 –

  • Beyond The Human
  • Change & Transition


  • Beyond The Basics
  • Additional Practices Customized to Participants
  • Discussion / Q&A

See Blog for Details and information on registration.