Unintentional Manifesting

Unintentional Manifesting
  • (Reprinted from January, 2020)

Let’s take a peek into how energy can inadvertently create what we don’t want.

Unintentional Manifesting

Energy, whether internal or external, is vibration. Each type of energy has a unique vibratory frequency. Some are easily experienced through our five senses but many are not. Non-human energies require our ability to shift and raise our vibration to more closely match theirs in order to connect. The calmer and clearer our energy, the greater a variety of energies with which we can purposely attune.

We also know we are born with our own unique energy untainted by earthly influences––our starting point in this lifetime. Energies from thoughts; perceptions; attitude; emotions; physical functions driven by nutrition, exercise, breathing, and lifestyle; along with those to which we are exposed impact that original vibration. And vice versa. Those influences enhance, drain, block, or open us more closely to our own authentically original vibe as well as to other energies we want to connect with.

Energy attracts like energy. In other words, our vibration attracts the same back to us.  Every day we’re directly influencing our life’s direction in ways we don’t intend––with every thought, emotion, and so forth. What we put out in vibrational quality, we attract.

Here’s where attitude comes into play. If we fear or predict worse-case scenarios rather than seeking positive solutions or outcomes, our prediction can be self-fulfilling even if manifesting was unintended. In class we learned intentional ways to manifest. This unintended manifesting is just as powerful.

So, what is the solution?

Start with becoming conscious of what is going on in our thoughts and emotions and their “why”. Stay open to our emotions while recognizing and letting them pass through without becoming frozen by them. Taking this ownership and opening ourselves to thinking more broadly when a challenging situation presents is known as being aware. Yes, we’ll have moments when we slide but we’ll more quickly recognize them.

A positive vibration pulls the positive to us although it might not present itself as quickly as we want (like right now!), but we’ll recognize it when it does. It’s that staying open that requires trust and is essential in all manifesting.

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