Two Sides of Regrets

Two Sides of Regrets

Regrets can be tricky.

They might be about what we did – or didn’t do.  What was – or wasn’t. Yes, Two Sides of Regrets.

They could result from actions, words, vocal tones or anything else crossing our path during a lifetime.

The energy of a regret is thick and heavy in and around us. It lowers our energy vibration. As that vibration slows, our field surrounding us slumps and draws inward.

And regrets can be lifelong unless we resolve them or view them differently.

But that regret can be a great gift if we wish to see what else it is.

The very act of recognizing a regret tells us that we have learned something from the entire situation. The more fully aware we are about its cause and effect, the greater the lesson and the more options present for the future.

Wouldn’t you agree that’s something to celebrate?! It also tells us that we’ve grown from it and know ourselves more fully than we did.

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