Tree Energy: Part 2

Tree Energy

Part 1

Part 1 of this two-part Blog Series on Tree Energy shared an approach for feeling tree energy. That is an excellent way to begin experiencing this powerfully nourishing force within Nature.

Part 2

Now that you have identified and experienced tree friends, this Part 2 expands into actively exchanging energy with them.

There are also steps for absorbing earth energy plus tree energy at the same time.

Exchanging Energy

The following tips will be helpful if you wish to exchange energy by bringing it through your energy retention center (lower dantian – approximately 1 ½ to 2 inches below belly button):

  • Follow the beginning steps outlined in Tree Energy: Part 1 – BUT — 

You will be asking if the tree will exchange energy with you.

  • Your standing posture, hand position and relaxing/calming remain the same.
  • As the tree energy enters your palms, visualize it flowing from your hands, up your arms, down the inside of your body, out the bottom of your feet into the earth, over to the tree trunk, back into the tree, up its trunk and back into your hands.
  • Repeat as long as both you and the tree wish.
  • When finished, thank the tree.

      Suggestion:  I step back and bow to the tree in gratitude while thanking.

Absorbing Tree Energy – Sitting

  • Sit on the ground under the tree with your back against its trunk. This is especially good if you have back pain.
  • Relax, quiet your mind.
  • Feel the energy enter your back.
  • If you have a specific area of discomfort, visualize the energy moving to that back area.
  • When finished, thank the tree.

Absorbing Both Earth & Tree Energy

Do not use your hands; stand very close to tree.

  • Lightly rest your third eye area against the trunk while quieting your mind.   (Third eye is located between but slightly above the mid-point between your eyebrows)
  • Option:  Lightly rest your forehead instead of third eye against trunk.
  • Relax, quiet your mind.
  • When finished, thank the tree.

Your Comments & Experiences Are Welcomed

We would love to hear about your own experiences and answer any questions about exchanging or absorbing tree energyas discussed in this Tree Energy: Part 2. A Comments section is below for your convenience.


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