Tree Energy: Part 1

Tree Energy

Of all the many energy vibrations within Nature, tree energy is one of the most powerful for our connection.

During the Spring and Summer seasons, trees are more energetically active but it can also be easily felt in the Autumn as it moves back toward the earth.

First Step:  Feel The Energy While Standing

Here are a few tips:

  • Choose a favorite tree. Each will be slightly individual in its vibrational frequency just as each human is.
  • Stand facing tree, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent so energy may flow.
  • Intuitively sense whether tree is open for energy exchange.
  • Another approach is quietly or mentally asking the tree if it welcomes your presence. Trust you will know its response.
  • If you sense a negative response or a pushing away, move to another tree and begin again.
  • With a receptive tree, stand close enough to comfortably raise both palms of hands toward the tree trunk. Raise them as high as comfortable but no higher than shoulder height.
  • Do Not Touch Tree
  • Maintain an inch or two of space between your palms and tree trunk.
  • Keep your body relaxed. Take two deep slow grounding breaths.
  • Quiet your mind, focus on the tree and enjoy the energy that meets your palms.
  • When finished, thank the tree.

            Suggestion:  I step back and bow to the tree in gratitude while thanking.

  • Notice how refreshed, calmed and grounded you feel.

NOTE:  Evergreens tend to remain more active in the cooler temperatures and are especially good year-round for physical healing.

Part 2 of Tree Energy

Don’t miss Part 2 of Tree Energy which is now posted and available for you. It expands upon this discussion into exchanging energy with our tree companions. Additional approaches are also offered.

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