Thinking and Attitude

Thinking and Attitude

Our Way of Thinking

How do we broaden the way we see our world? Not a question with a fast answer, is it.
Our training and experiences help form our beliefs, how we interact with others and how we
handle new occurrences. Our attitude––how we see life–– is the core from which all our ongoing
thoughts and actions are based.


But an attitude can be a habit hard to break.

For example, if life seems to be against us, it is difficult to recognize important lessons and
potential possibilities that experiences hold. We remain stuck.

Impacting Subtle Energy

Our subtle energy vibration, our vital life force, is drained or strengthened depending on our

The narrower our way of seeing life, the more confined our energy vibration.

Opening our way of looking at people and experiences strengthens and broadens its vibrational
quality. It becomes lighter and more refined.

This is the foundation from which health and inner contentment grows.

Let’s Look Wider

Here are a few tips for allowing a wider viewpoint to blossom –

  • Pause
  • Take a deep breath
  • Pause again
  • Set aside our immediate assumptions
  • Look quietly at what is or has occurred
  • Be honest. What really centers on us? And what doesn’t?
  • Is there something to be learned?

Once we start doing this, it quickly becomes easier to do. And that wider viewpoint grows.

We would love to hear and learn from your experiences in shifting from old Thinking and Attitude. Feel free to share in the Comment section below.


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