The Bigger Picture – Where Does It Lead?

The Bigger Picture - Where Does It Lead?

Greater Potential

Each participant has their own reasons for joining Subtle Energy Alchemy’s current five-class series, “Connection Between Subtle Energy & Quality of Life.” That’s what makes the group interactively involved with great questions and comments. We’re currently preparing for class number four entitled “Beyond Me.”

After gaining insight into subtle energy movement, we probed influences on the quality of our energy vibration from our physical aspects along with the powerful impact from our thought process and emotions. Practices have been shared for identifying and releasing less supportive tendencies, allowing self-healing and increased awareness to arise.

But is there more? Where is this really going?

What is the potential within the Alchemy?

Is there a bigger picture in all this that is beyond what we initially thought about?

A Lot More

Yes, there is more

Yes, there is greater potential surrounding us, but where can it go? Glad you asked.

Like Attracts Like

The best part is that the potential starts to present automatically as we begin to live our practices. Those practices lay the foundation for healing and opening our energy flow––the first steps toward attuning toward our original vibratory frequency.

The quality of our energy gradually returns to a lighter, faster moving frequency as we –

  • identify and release accumulated heavy energies, and
  • learn to feel life through our hearts instead of reacting to situations from our ego head.

Our vibration expands, can travel further, and begins to connect with other lighter vibrational frequencies. Like attracts like!

Matrix of Energy

Some of those lighter vibrational frequencies come from what you might least expect. They are the bigger picture mentioned.

We are part of a universal matrix of energy frequencies. Once we begin to gain self-awareness, our consciousness starts to expand. So do our five senses and what they can detect.   

Our five senses become more fully engaged and can easily connect with other types of energy vibrations. Intuition also increases and ….

Well, aren’t you glad you’ve signed up for the class series and will be continuing this adventure.

Would You Like to Share?

We also learn from others who share. What have your senses connected with?

The Comment Section below is a great place to begin sharing your thoughts and experiences about The Bigger Picture of our energy existence.


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