Techniques for Interrupting Stress

These great Techniques for Interrupting Stress, along with others, will help you to manage the cycle of stress and clear away the issues that may be hardest for you to handle. It’s important to not hold onto the stress for your own health and well-being.

Patting It Away

Full body patting stimulates meridian channels through which subtle energy flows. It helps clear energy blockages, encourages clear thinking, and interrupts the cycle of stress. 

This can be done while sitting or lying down but is most effective when standing.

Using your hands in a relaxed but open position:

  • Pat lightly and steadily down your body starting at top of head
  • Down both sides of face
  • Back of head and neck
  • Shoulders down each arm, one at a time
  • On the back as far as comfortably reachable from shoulders down
  • Armpits, down side and front of torso
  • Down each leg, one at a time, first down sides of each and then front/back

If a slightly different order of patting feels more natural to you, follow your intuition. Enjoy this uplifting practice and work on decreasing the stress you are feeling.


NOTE:   If medical conditions are present, check with specialists before starting new practices and approaches for Techniques for Interrupting Stress.


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