Subtle Energy in Daily Life Class Q&A – Part Three

Subtle Energy in Daily Life Class Q&A - Part Three

This is the third of a three-part Blog series sharing questions and answers resulting from the February 24 class, Subtle Energy in Daily Life Class Q&A – Part Three

Question:   Is spirit part of subtle energy, and can our subtle energy change?

Answer:   Yes, to both parts of this question. Our subtle energy is the whole of everything we are. 


The scope of terminology used for subtle energy is reflected on the website page which can be accessed HERE. The bottom half of that page provides summaries on the basics of subtle energy, external influences, as well as additional terminology. 

As you read through the information contained at the above location, you will find “spirit” is one of those terms.  

Body, Mind, Spirit

This question may have been triggered by the differences between the well-known phrase “Body, Mind, Spirit” and Subtle Energy Alchemy’s stepping stones: “Body – Breath – Mind – Emotion – Connection – Unity.” This self-healing stepped approach was discussed in recent Energy Sharing newsletters. (Don’t receive our monthly newsletters? Sign up HERE.)

Unity is connection with the all of everything, whatever you prefer to call it.

More will be discussed about this in the upcoming April Energy Sharing, but spirit resides in each and all of the stepping stones plus each and all of us. And beyond. But at no time is spirit separate from any aspect of our steps.

Internal Cultivation Alchemy

This alchemical approach goes deeper into the basic fiber underlying the Body, Mind, Spirit practices.

Time for a story:  Long ago before training in energy healing, life philosophies, and alchemical protocols, I learned a movement which blended qigong and tai chi. The well-meaning instructor was intent on our learning the movement forms which were quite graceful.

However, we learned nothing but those movements. The practice was pleasant but lacked depth.

It was years before crossing paths with my long-time teacher who taught from the inside out. With every practice came lessons in how the energy flowed dependent on the breath and focused intent. That depth of understanding changed the very reason for, plus the outcome of, the practice. 

Body, Mind, Spirit includes highly respected approaches, but be sure you understand the internal alchemy which underlies them. 

And More On This

I hope you have found series helpful, including today’s Subtle Energy in Daily Life Class Q&A – Part Three. If you’ve missed Blogs One or Two, they can be found here.

If you wish to raise additional questions with me personally, please contact me and I would love to talk with you about them. Any such contacts are not made public unless requested.


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