Subtle Energy in Daily Life Class Q&A – Part One

Subtle Energy in Daily Life Class Q&A - Part One

During and following our February 24th class focused on Subtle Energy in Daily Life, participants raised follow-up questions. This is the first Blog answering some of those queries, aptly named Subtle Energy in Daily Life Class Q&A – Part One.

The primary focus of the February teaching was subtle energy’s impact on typical human functions of the everyday: relationships, life goals, life’s various types of creativity, and the energetic component of uncomfortable situations. We also touched on the interconnected universal web of energy. 

Subtle Energy in Daily Life Class Q&A – Part One

Question:   You mentioned the stepping stones (for self-healing). It looks like the first steps are only about us. How do I grow when so much focus at the beginning is only on me?

Answer:    This is a great question. 

We are the biggest influence on our energy vibration and, as a result, our well-being. Our thoughts and emotions have the greatest impact but may not actually be ours. Some are absorbed or inherited from people close to us. For the most part, they are learned during life experiences and relationships. Much is adopted in order to be accepted by those we care about or to prevent fear-inducing events.

Every single thought and each emotion carries its own energy. It is the quality of their total that impacts our original subtle energy vibration. If out of sync, it’s difficult to remain aware of our true core nature. External events become our life’s compass. 

But if in tune with core subtle energy vibration––our vital life force––we are in balance and connected with ourselves. We know who and what we are. A sense of ease with ourselves is present. Focus and thought processes are clear.

Starting With Ourselves

Going back to your question, we start with ourselves because we are the most complex and largest influence on our energy vibration. If we don’t clear out the energetic tangles, it’s extremely difficult to reach full well-being or connect beyond ourselves. You might say we are trapped within our thoughts, emotions, and health issues. 

It reminds me of the saying, “You can’t fully love without first loving yourself fully.” Well, we can’t truthfully connect with life without first truthfully connecting with ourselves.

Clearing energy tangles is the most important step of all. We begin to know and accept ourselves more fully. One energy practice is through non-judgmental third-party visioning which will be discussed in the March 31st tele-class.

It is this untanglement that gradually frees us. Yes, if we linger too long, self-absorption can occur. The purpose is to continue moving forward, releasing the unneeded. Most of us will hit a core tangle that takes longer to unknot. But with energy practices we know the freedom that  awaits us once it loosens.

If a person goes no farther than this step, they have accomplished an achievement. Major cause for celebration!

Terminology Question

Question:    Is qi (chi) and subtle energy the same?

Answer:    Thanks for this question. 

You might find it helpful to browse “About Subtle Energy” located at our website.

It includes many terms for subtle energy. Different philosophies apply some of these terms in different ways, but we’re talking about the same concept. 

My training is in the Eastern Oriental approaches. In that tradition, the original human qi at birth is English-translated as pre-heaven qi. Pre-heaven qi becomes post-heaven qi once impacted by external life and its energy.

Many Eastern Oriental internal cultivation practices focus on changing post-heaven qi back to its pure pre-heaven stage. It is considered “returning” which is exactly what we are doing with our self-connection approaches. We’re removing any pollution we’ve collected in our energy field so it returns closer to its original state.


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