Stressing About Stress

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A new year encourages different ways of looking at old and ongoing challenges. We’ll start with what we’ve all felt at one time or another: STRESS. And the holidays can be a trigger for a lot of it.

Emotional Pileup

Stress is the result of an emotional pileup caused by too many differing experiences at once or one big one in which there are many emotional triggers.

It can also be an ingrained reaction from past similar experiences that resulted in anxiety or worse.

Begin to look at stress as a symptom of something else. It’s not an isolated emotion; it’s the result.

What Are We Releasing?

We frequently try to release the stress itself without exploring what caused it in the first place. We. Just. Want. It. Gone…..Now!

Stressing about stress?

What About You

Give some thought about the situations that result in stress for you. Look inside them and identify what seems to lead toward anxiety. Are there similarities among those situations?

Feel free to comment below on what you discover or suspect. It can be a major help to others. If you wish to remain anonymous in any comments made to blog postings, please email me at


  1. Carol Mylander

    I used to stress and worry about fairly insignificant things. Then my granddaughter was born with neurofibromas. I learned to not even stress about her and be positive about her mri’s etc, of course I am not the parent. I then thought I would teach her to meditate. We sat across from each other on the floor with legs crossed and she would slowly fall over to the side. Then we would start again and she would fall over. We then started laughing about it. She must have been 3 or 4. So I went from stress to laughing and realized my role was to make her laugh. We have a very close relationship and she has taught me so much about love.

    • Alice Cory

      Carol, what a beautiful gift you are to each other.


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