Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

It’s About Remembering

The focus over the next few months in our newsletter, Energy Sharing, is Subtle Energy Alchemy’s™ methods for increasing our conscious awareness through self-healing.

The Six Stepping Stones for Self-Healing & Well-Being ™ is our convenient guide for remembering the energy elements included in our journey.

It has been a few years since delving into the Stones’ reminders.  With many new readers having joined us, all interested in subtle energy, it’s time to repeat the Stones’ guidelines.

Some of you prefer gaining your insights through this website and short Blogs while others turn to the more extensive lessons contained in our monthly newsletter. Because of this, we also include the basic information here.

You will also find archived information about the Stepping Stones HERE.


Subtle Energy is our vital life force, including our deep inner wisdom; Its flow is two way.    

  » Our Impact: Physical habits, thoughts, emotions, and energy from others all impact its quality.

  » Then, Its Impact: Its resulting quality directly impacts our life, relationships, attitude, healing,

     level of self-awareness, intuition, psychic abilities, and connection with our spirit.


ForgettingWe are born with extensive energy capabilities, many of which we forget as we grow into and live our external life. 

RememberingSubtle Energy Alchemy™ shares practices for re-connecting with ourselves and   increasing conscious awareness of seldom discussed abilities, such as:

   » Enhanced intuition, powerful manifesting, seeing/feeling light vibrations, soothing, healing, communication with non-humans, aiding transitions from physical form, and more.


Body – Breath – Mind – Emotion – Connection – Unity

It starts with deeper self-awareness:    Body – Breath – Mind – Emotion

  • Body = Impact on energy vibration from physical health and lifestyle approaches
  • Breath – Methods for stress release, focusing, centering, grounding
  • Mind – Are thoughts ours or are they learned or inherited?  Are they supportive?
  • Emotion – Have they become our identity?

Which lead to:    Connection

  • With our true inner self
  • Other people, through heightened intuitive understanding without judgment
  • With life forms other than humans
  • If desired:  Guiding Forces / Angels

Unity:     Awareness of our Soul Goal  /  Possible Connection With Higher Vibrations

Share Your Thoughts

We look forward to hearing your own experiences as you travel toward enhanced conscious awareness. Is your path following the SIX STEPPING STONES FOR SELF-HEALING & WELL-BEING ™?  A Comments section is below for your convenience.


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