Six Stepping Stones to Self-Healing & Well-Being – Part Two of Two

Six Stepping Stones to Self-Healing & Well-Being

Many have asked that earlier articles be repeated about the Six Stepping Stones to Self-Healing & Well-Being which appeared in our newsletter, Energy Sharing

To ensure this information is permanently available to everyone interested in learning about subtle energy, we are pleased to provide a summary in this two-part Blog series. Six Stepping Stones to Self-Healing & Well-Being, Part One of Two is already posted. This is Part Two of Two. 

Stepping Stone Pathway

These stepping stones are reminders how our journey unfolds into increasing self-awareness and healing. 

Part One of this two-part Blog series reviewed the “us” part of healing represented by:

Body – Breath – Mind – Emotion

Each step returns us closer to our original life force vibration that is our authentic self. We are peeling away the energy debris acquired to fit into our external daily activities or learned and absorbed from others.

But, is there more potential awaiting us?

Can We Connect With More?

The answer is a resounding “yes.” There are three types or stages of Connection. We’ve already touched on self-connection that builds during self-awareness, but let’s start there. 

FIRST Self-Connection

Increases as non-judgmental self-awareness deepens and personal balance begins. That balance is within ourselves, knowing when and how to quiet and calm. But it also provides the path for overall life-balance between our inner self and external daily life with its many responsibilities, challenges, and expectations.

As we self-connect, energy barriers within us loosen and open, allowing our vibration to lighten and increase in vibrance. We physically feel lighter and in touch with ourselves. You might say we become more comfortable in our own skin.

SECOND Connection With Other People

As we gain greater comfort with ourselves, empathy also grows for other people’s journeys. We gain a compassionate ability to identify both the positive as well as the undesired energies we absorb from others. 

THIRD:  Connection With Other Physical Energy Systems

As our own energy field opens, physical senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, or feel may also sensitize. Our intuition increases. For some, ability to interact with non-human energy systems may result. This could include energy shared by trees, plants, and animals.  This is especially true if we seek quieting within Nature.


Unity is a deep wisdom of our energetic connection with everything and everyone whether physical or unseen, earth-oriented or beyond. We sense being a part of a whole while fully living our lives. It is fully inclusive.

We grasp being an energetic contributor within the vast web of supportive universal energy. 


Yes, you are correctly following the Six Stepping Stones to Self-Healing & Well-Being.

The more self-aware we become, the greater we open to that beyond ourselves. And it is grounding within ourselves that opens the portal to understanding on a broader, more wholistic level. 

The Lotus Flower

Let me leave you with an Oriental saying:  It is from thick muck and mud that the beautiful lotus flower grows.

Has your Lotus started rooting yet? 

Would you like to share your thoughts or experiences? Feel free to raise questions or comment on Six Stepping Stones to Self-Healing & Well-Being. We will all benefit from your thoughts.


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