Six Stepping Stones to Self-Healing & Well-Being – Part One of Two

Six Stepping Stones to Self-Healing & Well-Being

Many who have recently started receiving Subtle Energy Alchemy’s monthly newsletter, Energy Sharing, have asked that earlier sharings be repeated which focus on the Six Stepping Stones to Self-Healing & Well-Being

To ensure this information is permanently available to everyone interested in learning about subtle energy, we are pleased to provide a summary of those original articles. It begins in this first of a two-part Blog series.

Stepping Stone Pathway

Body – Breath – Mind – Emotion – Connection – Unity

These six words are the underlying foundation for Subtle Energy Alchemy’s classes and workshops. They provide the pathway and helpful reminders for our journey into self-healing through subtle energy––where it starts, how it unfolds, and where it can lead. They are stepping stones toward awareness, inner peace, and overall well-being.

The Beginning

Overall well-being is the vibrational alignment of our external daily life with our internal self. Most of us are less acquainted with our authentic internal self than we think we are. What and how we’ve learned to be and think may not always be in sync with our original vibrational self.

We’ll look at Connection and Unity separately in Part Two of this Blog series. This Part One focuses on the first four Stepping Stones:  “Body – Breath – Mind – Emotion.”

They refer to expanding and deepening our self-awareness. It is here that self-healing begins. It starts with ourselves. 

Contributions and Influences

A major contributor to our overall well-being doesn’t come from other people. Oh yes, they impact us, but we are the primary influence on ourselves and the ongoing quality and vibrancy of our subtle energy. 

Self-healing and well-being include every aspect of us as humans. Among them are –

  • physical health
  • thoughts
  • life viewpoint
  • emotions and emotional processing
  • decision making
  • level of confidence

Each carries its own energy charge, and every one directly touches into our core. As those charges accumulate, they can be out of sync with our underlying original subtle energy vibration.

When that happens, we’re out of balance with ourselves. Our vibration slows and may become blocked.

The “Us” Part of Healing

The more at ease we are with ourselves, the more at ease we are with daily life. If it’s unease that we feel, we can be sure our subtle energy is being drained by the cause and existence of that unease.

These first four steps of Body – Breath – Mind – Emotion focus on ourselves, on self-awareness. Going inward with gentle but honest non-judgment opens us so we can identify and release what no longer supports us as we move forward in life. 

This includes physical habits as well as thoughts, and emotional tendencies. What supports us? What are we holding onto that needs to go? 

It is here where self-healing powerfully begins.

This, my friends, is the process of self-connection, the most powerful step toward self-healing.

It is also the beginning of a broader, more all-inclusive connection, if we wish to go beyond self and explore the limitlessness of the energy universe.

Stepping Stones Summary

Here is a brief summary of the first four Stepping Stones –

  • Body:  This focuses on practices for enhancing and strengthening our subtle energy flow within our physical body. This helps support shifts and releases taking place in our thought process and emotional makeup. 
  • Breath:  You may wonder why “Breath” is included. It is both a natural function of our physical self as well as a process for soothing and calming so introspection can unfold. Different methods of breathing are also used to relieve stress and pain, aid in grounding as well as moving subtle energy and more. 
  • Mind:  We are frequently unaware of the jumble of thoughts, perceptions, assumptions, expectations, and beliefs bundled within us. It’s time to untangle them to determine which support us.
  • Emotion:  It’s also time to recognize which emotions are important to our health and safety and which are baggage we’ve gotten used to carrying. 

As mentioned earlier everything, including physical functions, thoughts, emotions has its own energy charge. Supportive or not.

Self-awareness expands through being proactive in recognizing what to release and why. We might decide to release a tendency touching on physical health or a way of thinking or an experience which has left an emotional burden. Imagine the lightness from releasing that burden.

The “why” for that release is increased peace of mind via a closer connection with our original subtle energy.

Your Releases?

Subtle Energy Alchemy’s Six Stepping Stones to Self-Healing & Well-Being will continue in Part Two of this series.

In the meantime, give consideration to what you might like to unlearn or shed. Consider just one at a time to prevent feeling overwhelmed.

Would you like to share? We will all learn from your comments. Feel free to add them below.


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