Sharing Heart – Smiling Energy

Sharing Heart - Smiling Energy

The Question

We had been talking about hand energy and how it can be used to ease physical discomforts such as headaches or a throbbing joint. It was then that an interesting question was posed by a student:

“Can we send energy from anywhere else other than our hands?”

And The Answer


Our biofield – often called “aura” – surrounds and radiates from our physical body. It reflects the quality and quantity of the energetic vibration inside us.

It is even possible to feel our own biofield as we continually sensitize ourselves to it. At that point, it then strengthens and we can learn to emit it from other locations in addition to our hands.

In fact, we may already be doing it without realizing. If we openly and genuinely smile from our heart, it is likely that its vibrational quality is radiating out from both our heart and our eyes each time our smile lights up.

The energy is reaching out to others through the all of us.

Make someone’s day, share a heart-based smile. They will feel the vibration it carries, Sharing Heart – Smiling Energy.

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