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The scope of classes focuses on conscious aware connection with ourselves and the energy world. We journey toward a strengthening relationship with all its layers – human and others. We begin by understanding the what-how-why of energy vibration and its impact in our daily lives. Dozens of practical simple-to-learn methods for enhancing our own energy force are shared.

Recent classes/workshops:

  • Workshop:  Energy Protections & Channeling
  • Secrets for Meditation (free class)
  • Attuning Five Senses & Intuition
  • Head-to-Heart Practice
  • Influences Among Subtle Energy, Thoughts & Emotions
  • From Being Stuck to Gratitude
  • Secrets Inside Subtle Energy (free class)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
  • Secrets of Intentional Manifesting


Online Classes Scheduled for 2023. Click yellow box on right for more details. 



Class recordings available for your permanent use

“Introduction to Subtle Energy” (2 hours – Required for new students)

“From Feeling Stuck to Living in Gratitude” (2 ½ hours)

FREE: 30-Minute consult for those new to Subtle Energy Alchemy

Mentoring & Consulting

  – FREE ongoing mentoring for active students

  – Personalized One-on-one consultations to fit your schedule

FREE: One-hour telephone discussions open to everyone. Schedule is available in Energy Sharing Events. Subscribe below.

FREE: Two “Energy Sharing” newsletters each month

  – Energy lesson plus channeled material

  – Updated calendar of events

FREE: New monthly blog postings

Scholarship support available

Complimentary 30-Minute


One 30-minute complimentary consultation is available for those with questions regarding class and workshop offerings. This is recommended for all new students to Subtle Energy Alchemy ™ and those unsure what the teachings might hold for them. 

All active participants in Subtle Energy Alchemy ™ learning programs receive ongoing complimentary support and one-on-one sessions with Alice, when requested. 

Consultation scheduling and fees for non-students are available upon request.