12/21/20 – Rare Cosmic Event

On December 21, 2020, we have the opportunity to see a Rare Cosmic Event, a planetary alignment last viewable in March, 1226.  Although this conjunction occurs every twenty years or so, an almost-complete-conjunction viewable by us is rare. 

Saturn and Jupiter will appear conjoined low on the southwestern horizon 15 to 20 minutes after dusk.  To witness this event, find a southwestern view unobstructed by trees or surrounding bright lights.

It is not expected to appear like one blazing star from our earthly location but brighter from their union.

Astrologically speaking, Jupiter is expansive and optimistic in its energy vibration while Saturn is more concentrated and contractive.

Take two or three slow deep breaths, quiet your mind to focus on this event, and open your awareness to energies you sense.

We would love to hear about your experiences with this Rare Cosmic Event in the comment section below, or contact me directly.






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