Quote From Wisdom Keepers – Quieting

About The Message for Quote From Wisdom Keepers – Quieting

For those unfamiliar with messages from other energy sources , their words and phrasing may be different from those more familiar to us.  For convenience, I refer to these sources as Wisdom Keepers.

You may think of them by other names, such as Guides, Teachers, Angels, or Higher Self.  What you call this form of information is not important.  It is their guidance that is powerful.

Here are tips for understanding the following quote:

– The speaker’s words below include “forms,” meaning our being in a physically material form as a human.

– “Within” refers to our internal knowing or sensing.  It is our inner self.

– “Weights felt” are usually emotions or thoughts energetically bothering us.

– “Space” is created when we release what is bothering us.


The Message

This Quote From Wisdom Keepers – Quieting occurred November, 2020.

“Now is the timing for quieting.  Only within that of quiet can the weights felt within be removed.

“In the quiet is balance, balance of each within the form itself and among forms.  It allows the old ways of reacting to pass away. 

“Quieting brings needed balance which opens space within.  One leads to the next to the next like water flowing.

“It is within that open space lies freedom you wish to feel.  For is that not the meaning of space – for finding and following your own path?”


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