Quote From Wisdom Keepers – Greatest Human Need

About the Message

For those unfamiliar with messages from other energy sources, their words and phrasing may be unfamiliar. I refer to this source as Wisdom Keepers but other terms such as Guides, Teachers, Angels, or Higher Self are also frequently used by those who connect with this guidance.

Here are some tips for understanding the following powerful message with Quote From Wisdom Keepers – Greatest Human Need

  • “Selves” refers to each of us as an individual human being.
  • “Knowing” is heightened awareness, full understanding.
  • “Form” or “forms” mean our being in a physically material form as a human.
  • “Inner” refers to our internal beingness.
  • “Outer” means the external material world in which we exist and interact. 
  • “Jumping monkeys” refers to our active and ongoing thoughts and emotions that prevent quieting. In this quote, it also references their source as both external and internal.
  • “Many minds” is another term for active and incessant thoughts and emotions. It is also used for external and internal expectations.

And now the message.

Quote From Wisdom Keepers – Greatest Human Need

“The greatest need is the understanding and acceptance of selves. Without that, nothing more can open. 

“It is within the knowing of what forms are. They are of the inner, not of the outer. 

“It is only within the inner that steadfast and clearness rests. 

“That of the outer shifts and changes within the directions of whatever or who has their attention. Within your times, those are many and come from all directions. So many that a form must filter and choose which to hear, and those choices made at times reside within those of the easiest to understand.

“It is correct that only through the knowing of one’s inner can the healthy outer for that form be known. 

“It starts within the within, and the within can be known only through the quietness.

“This can be slow in its own unfolding. Your times are such that quick results are expected.

“The jumping monkeys come also from that of the outside of form and those within the forms themselves. It is a two-fold quieting––the turning from that of the quickness expected and that from the many minds. It is a double quieting.

“But when within, the knowing goes far beyond that of self. It is limitless if such is desired.

“Only fear can block, for fear of self is the greatest illness within that of form.”

Summary of Our Greatest Need

This message states Our Greatest Need as being fully aware of our true internal selves without pretensions. The second paragraph informs us that who and what we are is internal, not external. 

And the fifth paragraph assures us that only through our internal can we know a healthy external life.

Toward the ending is a secret that quieting takes more than one direction. What are your thoughts on this?

How easy have quieting and/or meditation been for you? 

Sharing experiences on this foundational message will help support others traveling this same pathway. There is a Comment section below for your convenience when thinking about this Quote From Wisdom Keepers – Greatest Human Need.


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