Personal Message From Alice

My personal gratitude is warmly extended to each of you as partners in this Subtle Energy Alchemy™ community. We learn and grow together – each stronger from the all of us.

Whether we are new travelers together or have journeyed from the early years when our name was “Energy Balancing,” we continue to explore the vast scope of energy vibrations that we are and live within.

Just as we support each other during our increasing self-healing and conscious awareness, we have all helped Subtle Energy Alchemy to evolve.

  • Classes initially met in motel conference rooms and the local library. But have now expanded into both in-person and remote classes plus providing recordings for participants’ benefit.
  • Our early discussions on The Basics of Subtle Energy are now outlined in our Six Stepping Stones for Self-Healing & Well-Being.
  • Unable to meet during Covid, this website launched December of that year. This joined monthly newsletters which have been shared since 2014.
  • Students founded and funded The Subtle Energy Alchemy Scholarship Fund in 2022. This ensured classes, workshops and recordings are available to more seekers.
  • Advancement and scope of growing continues to take each one of us more profoundly into the fullness of being human. This happens while understanding more about what is beyond ourselves.

We have probed Spirit/Soul Connection, the power of Shifting From Living In Our Mind-Head to Heart, Energy Protections, Secrets for Meditation, Communication with Guides, plus much more.

And now, the 2023 focus on Conscious Awareness leads us into 2024 with workshops and classes on Intuition and the Intuitive Arts. We will look at much that has been viewed as paranormal, other-worldly or “weird” and find these labels incorrect.


May we each gain increasing inner peace in both our mind and heart.

And may each of us know, feel and live within our light.

Our journeys continue,



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