What Is It?

Pendulums are an item with enough weight to hang straight down and freely move. It hangs from a lightweight chain, cord, or string.

While our elbow and hand remain motionless, we focus on a question and send our energy to the pendulum. It will swing in a specific way for a “yes” response and another direction for a “no” answer.

Note:    Other materials, characteristics, ways to cleanse, and uses will be discussed in the upcoming Workshop, Our Intuitive Powers – Their What, Why & How, beginning March 17th.

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A Helpful Companion

A pendulum is one of the most useful tools in many intuitive practices. Uses include:

  • Finding misplaced items
  • Initial yes-no guidance on questions
  • Providing a second opinion on guidance received from other methods of intuitive connections
  • Checking energy fields

It provides straight-forward answers via yes-no responses.

But I should warn you that once you become friends with one, you will be curious to explore and collect others.


Although we all have an energy vibratory signature, each of us has a vibration unique to ourselves. When choosing a pendulum, those appealing to and connecting with one person may not feel or work the same for someone else. We will know whether a specific pendulum is right for us when we test it.


They are made from many different materials. Some are too light in weight to be effective while others may be too large or heavy. Below are some of the most common materials generally used:

  • Jewelry:   A piece of jewelry can be converted into a pendulum. If it has been worn by someone or owned by another person, a cleansing will be needed. Once a pendulum, it is recommended to use it for no other purpose.
  • Crystal or Mineral:   Can be some of the more responsive and beloved pendulums. Be aware that crystals can easily absorb the user’s emotional energy which will negate a neutral response from the pendulum.  Ideally, it is best if the crystal or mineral has no holes drilled into it for hanging purposes. I find this compromises the purity of its energy.
  • Metal:   Response will depend on the type of metal. This type of pendulum is best tested before purchasing, but they are worth exploring. I find brass especially positive but, again, test with your own energy.
  • Wood:   Much like metal, its effectiveness will depend on the characteristics of the wood itself. Some woods are much too lightweight regardless of their sizing. If you resonate with their vibrations, Sycamore and Maple can make for quality pendulums. Some on the market are much too long unless you have length from your elbow to fingers.
  • Look-Alikes:   Some are made from materials looking like a mineral or crystal. They are detectable from their light weight and plastic feel. These pendulums will not be effective.

Please join us in the upcoming Workshop, Our Intuitive Powers – Their What, Why & How, beginning March 17th.

Class Details & Registration:  HERE

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