Our Vision, Goal & Story

Our Vision, Goal & Story

Special Note From Alice

We have a number of new participants in Subtle Energy Alchemy so it’s time to again share our approach and goal as a positive contributor to your self-healing and well-being.

Also, in response to requests during classes and from new subscribers to our newsletter, Energy Sharing, I am also including the more personal side of my journey. Each step led me closer to having the honor of knowing, teaching, and mentoring so many of you.

Thank you.


Our Vision

There is more influencing our lives then what we learned to recognize.

So many supportive forces open to us plus those that hold us back.

When influences become known to us we live more consciously aware of positive

power already within us and surrounding us.

You are invited to join in the journey to wholeness.


Subtle Energy Alchemy’s Goal Is Simple


– Your understanding the what and how of subtle energy and its influences:  in every aspect of your modern lifestyle, including relationships with self and others.

Practical and easy-to-learn approaches:  supporting transition away from draining energy exposures.

– Expanded awareness with inner calm:  enabling broader conscious choices in your life experiences.





About Alice Cory

My formal bio is available HERE but this version is for those of you who asked for a more casual, personal story––the what and how leading up to founding Subtle Energy Alchemy with its newsletters, blogs and multiple ways of learning about subtle energy including workshops, classes, discussion groups, consultancy or mentoring, and private Facebook Group.

So, since you asked for it, here ‘tis.

The beginning of my story has a common theme: By the time I was three years old, people and voices unknown by others were frequent visitors with me. It was then my well-intended grandmother, who I suspect had similar experiences, taught me the importance of keeping this a secret. And so the hiding of who I was began. Sound familiar? I suspect there are more than a few of you nodding in recognition.

Complexities in teen years and early adulthood drove those memories and connections far from my attention. In my late twenties into the thirties, there were still many unexplainable experiences, each different and growing more difficult to ignore. During that time of life, I referred to them as “IT” as in, “I don’t know what IT is but don’t want to know.” Quite an about-face from early childhood!

Until one day an experience happened involving another person. Without any logical forethought, I followed my intuition and said words that had no meaning to either of us at that time. But their meaning shook my core when I learned the following day that the other person had died in an automobile accident. The deeper, otherworldly reason for those words made me realize this wasn’t about just me. An active quest started for understanding “IT.”

I began that quest in a two-year program studying aspects of Personal Transformation in Atlantic University’s accredited Master Program. This University is part of Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research & Enlightenment. Studies into psychic phenomena, Healing Touch, Bach Flower Essence Therapy, and Jose Silva’s Program were also completed. Certification as Reiki Master occurred in 1971 – and yet something still seemed to be missing.

Meditative studies took me gradually into channeling in which I have been active for years.

My studies in the ancient energy and healing arts began shortly after meeting Wudang China Master Teacher Yun Xiang Tseng at a National Qigong Association Conference. I completed lengthy studies with him, including the ancient approaches to Internal Cultivation and Meditation, Healing, and Life Philosophies. In 2008, it was an honor to become certified as a Wudang Qi Emission Healing Practitioner.

More than 200 individuals experienced the benefits from that energy protocol. Many expressed interest in learning about subtle energy so they could better understand their own experiences. In response, the first class occurred in 2013 which I assumed would be a one-time happening but additional seekers kept flowing in. Classes have been ongoing ever since. The first monthly newsletter was published the following year.

With Covid challenges beginning in 2020, in-person classes shifted to live online webinars along with the launch of our website: SubtleEnergyAlchemy.com. Twice monthly Blog Postings on the website soon followed. They are accessible HERE.

The monthly newsletter also expanded to two issues. One issue shares a lesson about subtle energy plus channeled remarks from The Wisdoms. With all our activities including classes, workshops, discussion groups, consultancy plus mentoring, Facebook Group and more, a second monthly newsletter focused on “Events” was added.

Well, that pretty much covers the high points of the past. In the here-and-now plus the future to come, I remain an active student of the universal energy fields.

I’d love to hear your Personal Story and Goals. You never know who you might inspire with your words. Feel free to Comment below or, if you prefer a more private approach, send your story directly to me through the “Contact” section of this website.


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