Our Organs & Emotions

Our Organs & Emotions

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on thousands-of-years-old subtle energy principles and is still used today. Some doctors blend its wholistic approach to healing with pharmaceutical and modern medical practices. Others use it exclusively. Our Organs & Emotions are tied together without many people even realizing it.

Subtle energy is called chi or qi in the Eastern part of the worldWhen visiting China years ago, I learned many of their hospitals filled prescriptions directly on premise. They had two bank-teller-like windows located side by side. One window was for those needing modern medicines. Meanwhile, the companion window handled herbal prescriptions. It was not unusual to see the same patient go to both windows. 

Here in the west, acupuncture has become a valued and trusted treatment with some health insurance covering all or a portion of its cost. If you’ve experienced an acupuncture treatment, you are familiar with its approach based on qi movement. This subtle energy flows in meridian channels throughout the physical body. An acupuncturist identifies energetic blocks or drains as contributors to physical, mental, or emotional situations.

Our Organs & Emotions

TCM also identifies physical organs that absorb and potentially hold energy vibrations created by emotions. This is foundational information for a number of our self-healing practices. 

Here is a handy listing showing physical organs with the corresponding emotional energies they tend to absorb – 

  • Liver:  Holds anger
  • Stomach/Spleen:   Holds anxiety 
  • Lung:    Holds sadness and grief
  • Kidney: Holds fear
  • Heart:  Holds overly intense joy (too much of a positive also causes imbalance)

TCM offers insight into “Our Organs & Emotions.” With this information, we grasp the possible effects stress or other emotions have on our general well-being. By first recognizing their presence, we can decide whether the lingering emotions are benefiting or hindering us. 

Grounding and quieting practices help prevent as well as release unwanted emotions. For your convenience, both approaches are shared in the audio lesson available. Simply subscribe to Subtle Energy Alchemy’s Energy Sharing newsletter. See bottom of this page for easy access.


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