Our Five Senses and Intuition

Our five senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch play a role in our intuitive ability. As we release drains on our own system and become more open to the energy around us, our entire body sensitizes along with aura expansion. Sensory receptivity increases. 


So, what is increased receptivity when we’re talking about intuition? It means we are connecting with an increased number of vibrational frequencies. We are better able to consciously receive both physically oriented messages plus information that has little connection with physical time or space.

Where Does Enhanced Intuition Lead?

We may find ourselves increasingly attuned with two or more senses working together. Feeling and hearing or the combo of hearing and seeing are examples of combinations. We usually start with one heightened capability. Others may develop as we become more comfortable. 

Our next Blog posting will share ways we can actively enhance our intuition by sharpening our physical senses. But let’s start by reviewing what each heightened sense offers.

Sight  (Internal and/or External)

Clairvoyance, enhanced sight, can take many forms. It might include seeing auras; viewing energy imprints such as past events, orbs, or what are called ghosts; or seeing into the future.  


This leads to Clairaudience. Examples are hearing musical frequencies of a cosmic nature, conversing with our guides and other wise beings, or communicating with plants and animals.


Clairscent is a less typical capability. It is the smelling of an aroma which is not physically present.                                 


Like smell, Clairgustance is less common. It is the ability to taste something not physically present in the mouth.  


The formal term for this is Clairtangency but is known as psychometry. This is a more common capability than you might think. Try it for yourself –

  • Ask another person to give you an item you know nothing about but which carries history for its owner. 
  • Hold the item in the palm of your hand. The first time you attempt this, try holding it in each hand to explore which is the more sensitive. If the item’s size is small enough, close your fingers around it ensuring much of your skin is enclosing the item. 
  • Close your eyes, quiet your mind, and focus on the feeling and information you receive. 
  • Share what you receive with the item’s owner to learn how close you sensed its story.

And One More:  Feeling/Knowing

This is Clairsentience.

Sometimes we just “know.” No explanation, no logic, no thinking about it. But we know this instantaneous information as truth. Our entire body seems alert. 

Clairsentience occurs in a moment. When it arises, there is no time lapse between non-knowing to receiving its message. Therefore, it downloads in its entirety.

  • It may be a download from our guides or other universal sources. 
  • It may be entering through our aura which is the energy field surrounding our physical body. 
  • When received through the aura, the information is transmitted directly into our conscious recognition. 
  • I have also had the experience of physically walking into an energetic wall in which information resides. In that case, the transmission entered through my skin in addition to my sensory system. 

Watch for our next blog post sharing practices for more fully connecting with our physical senses.We would love to start a conversation about this fascinating topic, Our Five Senses and Intuition. If you would like to share your thoughts, experiences, or have questions, there is a comment location immediately below for your convenience.     


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