Opening Our Senses and Intuition

Opening Our Senses and Intuition

There are practices that focus on a single physical sense such as seeing, hearing, or smelling. This exercise has an advantage of helping open the entire sensory system as well as intuitive capability. It’s amazing what can happen when we begin Opening Our Senses and Intuition to the world.

  • Choose a location and time where you feel safe closing your eyes. Please do not try while driving or focused on any other activity.
  • This can be done while standing, sitting, or lying down. I personally find it easier while standing.
  • Whether standing, sitting, or lying down:  feet are shoulder width apart and arms are down by your side but not stiff. 
  • Leave a few inches of space between your arms and body. Palms of hands are turned facing ahead of you (or facing up if lying down) as opposed to their natural position of facing behind you (or down).
  • Close your eyes and relax by taking three slow deep breaths to quiet your mind and release body tension.
  • Focus on whatever sensations start arising. Initially it may be skin sensations or increased feeling around hands, face, or head. Those skin sensations may, with practice, expand outward until you feel your aura.
  • Stay focused on any sensations without trying to lead them. Let them naturally unfold. 
  • With practice, feelings will arise faster, stronger, and in more locations until your entire physical body feels tingly.
  • Do sounds intensify? What about smells? Are you seeing internally? Has what and how you hear shifted? Try opening your eyes without losing the sensations. Are you seeing differently?
  • Over time, you will find you are stronger in one or more of your five senses than others. 

Regardless which of your senses seem more lively, you are opening your entire sensory system as well as conscious connection with your auric field. Comment below on how Opening Our Senses and Intuition has affected your life.


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