Opening and Expanding

Opening and Expanding

We’ve been gradually releasing emotional burdens, shifting our thought process and bringing externally focused life more in tune with our inner self. Wow!

They may be baby steps but – again – Wow! Hopefully you’re celebrating every achievement on your journey toward self-healing and inner awareness. 

Is there anything else happening at the same time? Yes, there is.

Detoxing our body, mind and emotions is a shedding process. We’re letting go of what no longer supports our quest for well-being and inner contentment. 

As we cleanse by letting go of whatever is no longer needed, we’re also discarding blocks and drains on our energy field. It unclogs, leaving space.

We’re Opening and Expanding our energy field.     


Those spaces are essential so the new, more supportive can enter. Think of it this way: if we’re holding onto the old, there’s no room for the new. 

Even if we don’t consider it internal space clearing, it happens without our conscious focus. We’re opening up. The resulting sensation is lightness.

We feel as though we can breathe again.


As we gain increased awareness of both ourselves and the world around us, our energy field more easily expands. Remember, it’s not as clogged with the heavy unsupportive energy. 

It continues its expansion as we broaden and deepen our inner growth. 

In Summary – Opening and Expanding

Opening and Expanding is part of self-connection and heightened awareness. It can even lead to attunement with non-human subtle energies such as plants, trees, animals, and those of the non-physical. It is wisdom growth. 

  • First, we shift physically, mentally, emotionally
  • Which opens the space in our energy field as the unwanted is released
  • We gain a refreshed outlook
  • Our perceptions broaden
  • If we desire, connections continue to increase

All this because our energy field opened and expanded.

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