Nutrition & Well-Being

Yes, food and beverage choices make up nutritional content for our physical bodies, but there are additional sources adding to our general nutrition & well-being.

Our physical health also includes the sum total of thought quality, how we process emotions and our general viewpoint on life.

Choices in foods, our thought tendencies, emotional makeup, flexibility and openness to change all impact our physical condition, our vibrational quality and auric vibrance, as well as connections to the many energies in which we live.

At this time of Thanksgiving, may we embrace the many positive sources of nutritional well-being and healing.

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  1. Susan Storm

    I try to take 15-20 minutes a day to play games from the NYT app. This may sound silly, but “exercising” our brains is important. My favs are Spelling Bee, Connections, and Tiles, but if time permits, there are some others that are fun.

    • Alice Cory

      Hi Susan,
      You’re wise to exercise both your physical body and your mind for balance and well-being.
      Warmly, Alice


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