More on Generational Imprints

More on Generational Imprints

This subject, More on Generational Imprints, is also the focus in our July 1st newsletter, Energy Sharing, including deep insights in Words From The Wisdoms.

The Question

Our June 12th class focused on Influences Among Subtle Energy, Thoughts and Emotions. One of the many topics covered was generational imprints on our energy field.

You might be interested in a question raised about this subject after class had ended:  “If you never knew grandparents or great-grandparents because they were deceased, does this lessen the impact of ancestral imprinting?”


The energy imprint is present whether or not you know/knew the family members, but –

The depth of the imprint depends on the length of time it has been present in the family.

The longer = the deeper.

The more exposure you have with a close family member who has the imprint, the stronger it is.

Close family member = the stronger.

Energy imprints most commonly fall within the thought and/or emotion categories and can travel throughout multiple generations.

TIP:    Many imprints can be of a positive nature. “Imprint” is not necessarily negative.


The exploration of these generational tendencies is the same as our approach with our own:

  • Identify one of our tendencies
  • Decide if it is truly ours or inherited from someone or somewhere else
  • Does its energy positively support who we truly are?
  • If not positively supportive, release it using one of the many techniques we’ve learned in Subtle Energy Alchemy  
  • If supportive, celebrate it and ourselves


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