More On 12/21/20 Cosmic Event

Let’s talk More On 12/21/20 Cosmic Event. Did you have the chance to see the recent conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn?  Some watchers had the benefit of using binoculars or telescope.  One said she spotted Saturn’s rings.  That’s darn exciting!

A few nights before the conjunction, one person felt a wave of calm when seeing them positioned close to one another. What an incredible experience!

Alice’s experience:  Unable to see the  planetary merging until December 22, she opened to any unusual energy shifts occurring during Winter Solstice evening of the 21st.  None were felt.

But watching the conjunction on December 22, Alice felt washed in peace-filled energy. As she returned home from the viewing, a solution to a gnawing dilemma came to mind.

Did anyone have other experiences?  This rare celestial event was a special treat, for sure, and we would love to hear More On 12/21/20 Cosmic Event from your perspective.


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