Memory Shifts

Do Memories Shift?

Think back on some of our happy memories. How do they feel as we relive those special times?

Now recall some that were less than happy. We don’t expect them to feel the same, do we. Add to that, the passage of time can magnify or impact the memory itself.

And every memory, every emotion, has an energy connected with it. Those of a negative nature are heavy and pull us down. Our internal energy flow slows.

Those that are positive, are livelier and lift us. Our subtle energy flows smoothly. And our Memory Shifts.


Before trying to untangle the emotions a memory holds, is there another person we can  approach who experienced the same or similar experience? Do they remember or understand it differently?

By comparing notes, we help each other gain additional information that can broaden our viewpoint and remind us of the original details. The act of discussing and sharing can relieve some of our heavier emotions.

If it is a childhood memory, we may be seeing and feeling it from the perspective of our child still within us. By dismantling those childhood memories and looking at them from an adult viewpoint, we may automatically gain greater insights.

When a memory is too traumatic or individual to share, it could be beneficial to gain support from a trauma specialist or therapist.


Sharing your thoughts about the power of Memories and Memory Shifts could help another reader. A Comments section is below for your convenience or reach out to me HERE.


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