Memory Emotions

The energy within unpleasant memories was a fascinating topic covered during a recent Subtle Energy Alchemy class. And we all agreed . . . it’s complicated.

One memory can hold within it a multitude of emotions. But there are additional challenges. The passage of time can create shifts and twists causing the memory to take on a more intense flavor from its original.

The emotional drain on our own subtle energy system will be ongoing.

Checking With Another

Memories are being perceived by the person holding it. Deeper understanding can occur if a specific memory is shared with another who is also familiar with its cause. There may be more to it than is fully known.

An Energy Release

Here is an approach for emotionally diluting a memory. This can be done out loud or in our mind.

  • Physically sit in a chair with eyes closed and feet flat on floor.
  • Take three slow deep breaths: inhale through nose, exhale through mouth.
  • Visualize a second chair facing us holding the person or situation around which the memory is focused.  
  • State the memory and express gratitude for positive awareness gained from it.
  • State clearly and firmly that all else non-supportive of health and well-being is released.
  • Visualize its non-supportive portions evaporating.
  • When ready, take three slow breaths and open eyes.

NOTE:  Please be comfortable with seeking supportive therapy when appropriate.

More Energy Releases

There are additional forms of releases, many of which will be covered in upcoming classes. Details available HERE

We would love to hear about your experiences with memories in the Comment section below.


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