Meditation Challenge


It’s confession time:  Having been a superb multi-tasker (aren’t we all!), the concept of bringing my mind to a quieter state while letting stray thoughts arise and pass through was completely foreign to me.

My teacher, Yun Xiang Tseng (Wudang Chen), insisted it was essential in my goal to open and share energy pathways for others who are seeking self-healing and well-being. And so, he issued The Meditation Challenge.  

It is also essential for each person with goals of deepened conscious awareness and self-connection. That journey can be accelerated with the Challenge.

This Challenge plus the deep, slow breathing/grounding practice are the foundation for strengthening our own energy system and connecting with additional beneficial energies.    

For Deep Breathing/Grounding Practice: HERE

The Meditation Challenge leads us into:

  • Quieting the mind
  • Calming & relaxing the body
  • A strong single focus
  • Developing our internal subtle energy
  • Increased connection with intuition
  • Awareness of other energy vibrations

The Meditation Challenge:  30 Consecutive Days

The full Challenge is 100 consecutive days, but we begin with a goal of 30 Consecutive days.

  • Identity a time of day or evening to be undisturbed. This time can change as needed.
  • Each meditation:   at least 10 – 15 minutes, but becomes more powerful if longer Suggested times:
    • First week:  At least 10 minutes daily
    • Second Week:   Increase to 15 minutes daily
    • Third Week:  Increase to 20 minutes daily
    • Fourth Week:  If possible, increase to 30 minutes daily
  • Let thoughts pass through our mind. Holding onto them will stop meditation.
  • Breathe slow and evenly. If needed, focus on the breath.
  • Left-brain activity such as counting will reduce potential for quieting.
  • Have a calendar (paper / electronic) to mark day when meditation is completed

Once 30 consecutive days have been completed, encourage yourself to continue to 60 days.

100 Days anyone?

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