Live Online Classes – 2022 Schedule

Where, What and Who

All 2022 classes will be Live Online Classes through webinars similar to those successfully held in 2021.

Many of the 2022 topics are offered for the first time. Others are being explored in greater depth than time allowed in prior classes.

Whether you’re new to the topics or already have experience with influences from subtle energy on self-connection and healing, reduced stress, enhanced focus, and all-around well-being, we hope you will further your journey with us.

Can’t Attend?

Beginning in April, 2022, a class recording will be sent to everyone registered for that specific class. Usage of recordings is for a limited time.


For Returning Students Only   (Recordings Will NOT Be Available)

Registration:  Registration for this three-part package (two classes plus Q&A session) can be completed at:

Tuesday, January 18th – 7-9:30pm Eastern:

More on Protections, Barriers, Boundaries, Releases

Tuesday, February 15th –7-9:30pm Eastern:

Communication & Channeling

Tuesday, March 1st –7:30-8:30pm Eastern:

BONUS Follow-up Discussion / Q&A

Open to Everyone:    (Recordings Will Be Available)

Registration:  Available HERE

All 2022 classes from April thru October will be from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. Eastern

Sunday, April 3rd:

Attuning Five Senses & Intuition

Sunday, May 15:

Deep Dive Into Head-to-Heart Practice

Sunday, June 12:

Influences Among Subtle Energy, Thoughts, Emotions

Sunday, July 10:

From Feeling Stuck to Living in Gratitude

Sunday, August 14:

Intro: Emotional Freedom Technique  (Tapping)

Sunday, October 16:

Secrets for Intentional Manifesting


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