Intuition: Knowing & Feeling

Intuition: Knowing & Feeling

Our prior two blogs focusing on intuition discussed internal and external seeing.

There are also more uncommon forms of intuition such as tasting or smelling energy. But let’s look into two of the most common intuitive experiences.

Knowing & Feeling

What are the most common forms of intuition––the types most have experienced at one time or another? They are knowing or feeling without conscious awareness of the source.

Our typical reaction to such an occurrence might be:

– I just know it!

– I can feel it in my gut.

– Where did that come from!?

Hopefully, our reaction is also following that feeling or knowingness.

An Experience

During a portion of my work life, I traveled once a week between Philadelphia and Wilmington, Delaware. Making that drive outside normal commuter rush times helped keep it a pleasant experience.

One morning, as time grew closer for my departure to Delaware, I felt increasing agitation to the point of nausea. There were no unusual events or meetings planned that day so the sensations were puzzling, but they continued growing worse. 

I finally paused to breathe into the sensations and recognized cautionary energy in them. The decision was then easy to make: alter my plans and cancel that day’s trip to Delaware. The minute the decision was made, unpleasantries faded.

The evening news carried pictures from a fatal accident which had happened on the route and time I would have been in that same area.

A not-so-subtle intuitive warning? You bet!

Intuition frequently arrives without logic as a companion. Breathe and connect with it.


Now that I’ve shared one of my intuitive experiences with Knowing & Feeling, we would love to hear yours. The Comments section is conveniently located below.


  1. Ginger Swift

    My daughter asked if she could drive us to an event we were attending. I almost always say yes but on this one occasion, I surprised us both and said no. We drove and on the way I car veered into our path towards me and I quickly moved aside averting what would have been a bad accident. I looked at her and thought, wow, that is why I said no,. She was still a young driver and I don’t think she would have averted the accident.

    • Alice Cory

      This is a powerful example how open connection with and trust in our intuition impacts our life. So glad you followed its message.

      Many thanks for sharing, Ginger.


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