Subtle Energy Alchemy ™


This two-hour recording shares introductory information about Subtle Energy:  what it is, influences on it and impact from it on our lives, on other people and environment. We explore how Subtle Energy moves inside our physical body, extending outward into auric biofield. In addition, it impacts our ability to focus, quiet our mind, and find inner contentment.


This introduction is required before taking classes or participating in events through Subtle Energy Alchemy ™.  We encourage you to explore additional information including more than four dozen blog postings at:


We offer classes and workshops plus free group discussions and events. Our twice monthly newsletter, Energy Sharing, provides mini-lessons, channeled material, events calendar and timely updates.


Welcome to Subtle Energy Alchemy ™.



About Alice

Alice is an Energy Intuitive, Teacher, Consultant/Mentor, and Practitioner certified in Eastern Qi-Emission Healing modalities. She is trained in ancient internal cultivation and life philosophies and is a certified Reiki Master. She teaches nationally, consults, and writes about energy’s transformative influences through classes, workshops, newsletters, website blogs, and online discussions. Alice lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where she is writing a book on end-of-physical-life transition into light vibration.