Internal Intuitive Seeing

Internal Intuitive Seeing

Our April 3, 2022 class on Intuition spanned this fascinating subject, especially its what and how. Included were the many forms in which intuition comes to us.   

One of the most common is through sight but this also takes more than one form. Generally speaking, there is 

  • internal intuitive seeing and 
  • external intuitive seeing

Let’s take a look at the internal sight experience. 

Internal Intuitive Seeing

Frequently, this form of intuitive experience is the easiest to recognize as belonging to you only. Even when with other people, you know they do not see what you are seeing. It is very much in your mind’s eye –– but not in your imagination.

And yes, you know it is not imagination. 

Sight Only?

Any experience may come through in more than one delivery style. It’s not unusual for “seeing” to also be accompanied by “hearing” or a download-type of knowing.


Every intuitive experience, regardless of how it enters, has a purpose for occurring. What message or lesson did it bring? Did it contain a protective purpose?

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We learn so much from sharing with each other. Do you have questions about or would like to share your own experiences with Internal Intuitive Seeing? A Comments section is included below for your convenience.  


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