Healing Thru Heart-Sight

What does Healing Thru Heart-Sight mean? Most of us have had experiences leaving us feeling or wondering if there were other approaches that could have led to a smoother outcome.  Then there are those “what just happened?” moments leaving us puzzled by our or another person’s emotional reactions.

We replay those experiences over and over in our mind but they remain unsettling and puzzling.  Some leave deep emotional scars draining energy.

Understanding a situation enough to release its emotional aftermath will be difficult without a fresh way of looking at it.  A new perspective will also help us spot our own habits of reaction that could have contributed to the situation.

Introduction to Healing Thru Heart-Sight

Below are two approaches for viewing the experience through a deeper “you.”  Both can be done with eyes open or closed and in a seated position or lying down.

  • Decide on one situation for which you want deeper understanding.
  • Take two slow deep breaths.
  • Shift your feeling into your heart area. There is no judgment here.
  • As your memory replays the situation, see and feel it from your heart.
  • When completed, take another slow deep breath and open your eyes.
  • What did you see and feel that is different  from the initial experience?
  • If uncertain, repeat above steps with your mind fully focused on the situation and your physical body relaxed.

Here is another approach –

  • Beginning focus and breathing remain the same as above.
  • Visualize an identical twin to yourself who sees and understands only through their heart without judgment.
  • As your mind replays the initial experience for your twin, you automatically feel and see your twin’s broader and neutral viewpoint.
  • Closing breath and review remain the same as above.

Once you are comfortable with heart-sight, you may find yourself automatically stepping into it as challenging or confusing situations begin to occur.


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