From Stuck to Energy Flow

From Stuck to Energy Flow

Feeling Stuck

During our most recent class, FROM FEELING STUCK TO LIVING IN GRATITUDE, we discussed various ways to open and shake off the sensation of ‘stuck-ness’ which can result in questioning our own self-worth. It can even lead to depression. 

Without our recognizing it, the exact opposite could be happening. At a deep level, quiet is often needed for self-healing at the physical, mental and/or emotional levels of our vibrational field. Rest is required to release old vibrations leaving space so that new can enter. 

Sadly, that won’t happen if we slide into heavier thoughts or emotions based on self-doubts. Our class introduced various ways to shake those heavies off so our energy field opens. One was writing or journaling – From Stuck to Energy Flow.

One Solution

This isn’t referring to a fingers-to-keyboard practice but pen-to-paper. Why? Does it really make a difference?

Yes, it makes a big difference. It causes everything within us to slow. Tapping on a keyboard can speed our thinking up instead of allowing a slowdown, but writing by hand requires our hand and thoughts to be in sync. It becomes a form of meditative opening.

When we slow, our energy quiets and settles. Our thoughts expand and the words flowing onto paper may surprise us. 

Carol, one of our class participants, has taught journaling. Below are a few of her comments made during our recent class. 

She refers to a group to whom she was teaching the art of painting. In order to open up their creative energy, she gave them writing assignments.

“They could initially follow instructions but had difficulty choosing subjects for their own painting. After writing down various thoughts, they were less afraid with more independence and faith in themselves. Their painting quickly became much more personal and the group was more tightly knit because they had been sharing some of their writings. It is a powerful practice.

“I do think there is magic in this. Thoughts come in when writing that you don’t know where they come from.”

Class Recording

There has been so much interest expressed by those who missed our class FROM FEELING STUCK TO LIVING IN GRATITUDE that Subtle Energy Alchemy will soon be making the unedited recording of the entire class available for a modest cost. 

It will be yours to listen to and enjoy on an ongoing basis. Watch for the announcement of its availability in our Energy Sharing newsletter.


We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this important subject, From Stuck to Energy Flow. A Comments section is below and please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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