Why Focus?

Is focus important in subtle energy practices for self-healing and personal growth?

Yes, if we want to cultivate any of the following capabilities:

  • Feel our own subtle energy
  • Connect with our biofield (also known as aura or auric field)
  • Circulate and direct our energy for healing purposes
  • Share, send, or exchange energy with another
  • Energy-sense the quality of food items
  • Energy-charge foods and beverages
  • Explore deep introspection without judgment
  • Intentional manifesting
  • Meditation
  • Visualize color and organ energy
  • Connect or communicate with other types of energy
  • Powerfully enhance our intuitive senses
  • Increase conscious awareness for evolvement purposes

Where To Begin

First come the quieting, calming, and grounding of our physical body, thoughts, and emotions.  

There is already an Audio Blog Posted on this website to gently guide you through the easy-to-do steps toward quieting, calming, and grounding. It is available for your use as frequently as you wish to play it.

To Access Audio

–  Since you’re reading this, you are already in the Blog menu portion of

–  The Archive listing (shown at the side or bottom of your screen) lists the category “Audio.” Move your cursor to “Audio” and tap “Enter” on your keyboard.

–  The introduction for the Blog entitled “Audio Lesson: Quieting & Grounding” will appear.

–  Tap on the picture of a person wearing earphones and the entire Blog will open.

–  Make sure your sound is on before tapping on  “Listen to Audio Lesson Here.”

Enjoy the recording.

Share Your Experiences

A Comments section is provided below for sharing your experiences and questions about  increasing Focus through quieting, calming, and grounding or reach out HERE.


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