External Intuitive Seeing

External Intuitive Seeing

In a recent Blog we discussed internal intuitive seeing.  That information is located HERE.

Now we look at external intuitive seeing. You say that seeing must be the same, right? No, there is a major difference between the two.

External Intuitive Seeing

In this case, what is seen appears physically real, solid in its form, and we assume other people around us can also see the same.

Our first experience with external seeing can be surprising, even unnerving. In spite of its apparent physicality, we are the only one witnessing it. It can leave us feeling shaken and insecure with our own senses.

Now What?

External and internal seeing both have a purpose for occurring.

If you prefer your intuitive sight to be internal only, communicate that desire to your Guides (Angels, etc.), but also explore the message contained in and reason for external delivery. There may be even more powerful lessons within their answers.

And don’t forget to always express gratitude for all provided.


We look forward to your sharing your own experiences with External Intuitive Seeing in the Comments section located below.


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