Energy Ownership

Is It Ours?

How do we know when we’re carrying energy no longer needed? Or energy that isn’t ours! Where does Energy Ownership lie?

Energy that could be holding us back from living our calmer and contented true self. 

That true self is a beautiful spirit with potential for inner peacefulness and general well-being . . . connection with our own energy vibration.

And that is true even when life’s circumstances may be less than calm.

Sorting It Out

How do we know if we carry energy vibes from somewhere or someone else? After all, energy can be learned, inherited from the past, or acquired in the here and now. Where is the Energy Ownership?

Without our awareness, energy vibrations can also creep in from physical habits, thinking and attitude tendencies, as well as outdated or unneeded emotions that seem to have always been a part of us.

How do we sort this out? Where do we begin?

A Starting Point In Energy Ownership

We begin with an honest question:  Are we comfortable with ourselves?

If not, there are several practices we learn for identifying an energy but a great first step is to look in a mirror.

What is reflected? Awesome if tranquility is looking back.

But what if tension or unhappiness is showing? If so,

  • Let’s close our eyes and take a deep breath.
  • Be honest about what we are feeling at that moment.
  • Can we identify any specific reason for that feeling? Yes, there may be more than one, but a primary cause will surface first.
  • Can we safely release, relieve, or change the cause?
  • Imagine how we might feel if that tension or unhappiness left.
  • If we recognize a serious cause, be comfortable with reaching out for specialized support.

NOTE:  We want to be in a safe environment before beginning the above exercise.

Sharing Experiences

Do you feel you Own Your Energy or are you carrying vibrations that intrude on inner calm?

There is much to be gained by sharing experiences. We would love to hear from you in the Comments below. If you prefer to remain anonymous connect with me and rest assured, your request will be honored.


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