Energy Healing: Eating In Season Q&A – Part Two

Energy Healing: Eating In Season - Q&A Part Two

During the week following our February 24th teleclass focused on Subtle Energy in Daily Life, a number of follow-up questions were raised. Enjoy this blog on Energy Healing: Eating In Season – Q&A Part Two, which answers those queries. 

Question:   You mentioned eating in season as a way of strengthening the body. What is that?

Answer:   Thanks for asking about this energy healing approach. You were really paying attention during the February 24th class. 

Nature’s Cycles

We easily recognize that Mother Nature’s plants have a growth cycle. There is new growth which could be considered an awakening (Spring), full growth (Summer), slowing growth (Late Summer and Autumn), and quiet or hibernation (Winter) which is a resting phase. 

Physical Organ Cycles

We are also part of Nature. Regardless of our geographic location, our physical bodies experience a similar pattern. Here is an example:

In the spring, Nature’s quiet of winter turns to more active growth. Our physical energy shifts from deep in our body’s core and starts to expand outward. During this time, our liver and its energy meridian (channel inside body which carries liver energy) becomes more active. If our liver has been weakened for some reason, we tend to be prone to liver issues in Spring.

Each of Nature’s seasons corresponds to an organ with a similar pattern of the season’s energetic activity. The health of each organ supports the health of all organs, our physical health and––not surprisingly––our core subtle energy. 

Energy Healing: Eating in Season

There are foods that carry nutrition particularly supportive of specific organs. Those are the foods we try to include in our diet, especially during that organ’s cycle. For example, during the winter season, the kidney meridian is more active. 

Black beans have a supportive energy for the kidney area. This doesn’t mean black beans are to be eaten only in the winter, but recognizing their healthful benefit during that colder time is valuable information when making food choices.

This topic of energy healing through eating in season is taught during Subtle Energy Alchemy’s Foundational classes.

It is one more energy approach we have available in our quest for self-healing and overall well-being. Please ask any questions you may have on our new blog, Energy Healing: Eating In Season – Q&A Part Two and don’t forget to read Part One in the Q&A series, as well!


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