Energy Frequency

Energy Frequency


It’s no surprise that our favorite topic in this website revolves around subtle energy and its life-changing impact in our lives. Proof is Subtle Energy Alchemy’s Six Stepping Stones for Self-Healing & Well-Being: 

Body – Breath – Mind – Emotion – Connection – Unity

Each Step leads toward a higher energy vibration through broadened self-awareness and increased conscious understanding of the energy world in which we live.

The Stepping Stones also provide practices and suggestions for detoxing our energy field.

If you’ve missed the Blog Postings outlining Six Stepping Stones, Parts One & Two, they can be found HERE

Energy Detoxing

But what does it mean when we talk about a higher energy vibration or connection with subtle energy being blocked or depleted? How can vibrational quality open or rise or decrease?

Any unsupportive tendency––negative thoughts, attitude, memories, assumptions, expectations, emotions for example––drain or block the flow of our energy field. They have a heavy, slower vibrational frequency.

In the early stages of self-healing, a release of an unsupportive tendency removes obstructive heavy energy from our field. Our vibration can begin restoring its flow. In other words, our vibration isn’t as bogged down.


All energy vibrates, and vibrations move. Movement has what we call speed. A frequency is the rate at which an energy resonates or moves.

Heavy vibrations like unsupportives mentioned earlier carry low frequency due to their heavy vibrational quality. When I see or feel a heavy vibration, it appears thick, slow, even clogged.

On the other hand, positive thoughts, experiences, emotions including love, peace and quietude, have light and active vibrational quality with a higher frequency.

Healing Frequencies

Each shift or release from a heavy energy takes us further into our self-healing. And that, my friends, is a step toward a higher frequency.

Energy Frequency – How Have You Increased It?

Feel free to reach out and lend a helping hand in the Comment section below by sharing your experiences from releasing negatively-oriented habits. Could you feel the difference in your Energy Frequency?


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