Energy Definitions

Here are some explanations of frequently used terms in Subtle Energy Alchemy’s self-healing and internal cultivation practices.

Energy Definitions

AWARENESS is the conscious recognition about something, someone else, and/or ourselves.

Each awareness opens us to more and deeper understandings about ourselves and the world around us. Our perspective becomes not only broader, but also clearer with enhanced empathy.

Summary:  Awareness reduces the less supportive energy vibration within ourselves and is the portal for connections and understandings beyond self.

WISDOM is a deeper, broader understanding and knowing-ness. It grows from the clearing of heavier vibrations within self, allowing us to consciously live as part of the bigger web of existence.

Summary:  We have become comfortable knowing ourselves as an energy being among other human energy plus non-human types of vibrations, such as tree, plant, animal, cosmic energies. Each touches on and impacts all others.

INTUITION is a knowing or a sensing that bypasses conscious reasoning. It is known and felt deeply inside us and is based on energetic interconnections. Intuition frequently starts as a natural expansion of one or more of our physical five senses.  

Summary:  Intuitive information may initially seem illogical but, as we become more deeply connected with our inner self, its truth is easily recognized.

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