Energy Connections


Why are energy practices frequently referred to as “Mind-Body-Spirit?” They seem like three different topics. Are these really connected somehow?


Yes, they are connected, although we prefer using a more comprehensive approach called the Six Stepping Stones for Self-Healing & Well-Being ™:

Body – Breath – Mind – Emotion – Connection – Unity

The Beginning:  

Let’s begin by looking at some reasons a person explores subtle energy practices.

Perhaps it starts with the desire to strengthen the physical body. Another person may be suffering from ongoing emotions such as anxiety, anger, or grief from which they seek relief.  The state of our physical body and/or emotions also impact our perceptions and thought process . . . and vice-versa.

Whether we decide to pursue practices for all the areas of physical, emotional and thoughts, just one or two of them, all are automatically impacted. Each carries its own vibration but they are all connected.

As one vibration strengthens, it opens and strengthens the others in a continuing cycle. Likewise, if a vibration is drained, all are caught in a weakening cycle.


We know that our subtle energy flows through channels called meridians. Like our arteries and blood vessels, meridians can also become slowed or blocked, stressing all subtle energy vibrations within us: our physical body, emotional makeup, thinking process.

Let’s not forget connection with our innermost self – our spirit life force. More on this in a moment.

In our busy outwardly focused life, it’s easy for any one vibration – from physical functions, a thought, an emotion, to be less than supportive to the whole of us. Each of these individual vibrations unite into one wholistic vibratory force within us. This also naturally expands outward into the energy field surrounding our physical body . . .

. . . and still further to touch everything and everyone we contact or think about. The clearer and more vibrant that vibration, the more positive it is and the farther it reaches outward. It may even touch into types of vibrations in Nature and others outside the human range.


Let’s take a closer look at this energetic web:  Grief feels as though it has tentacles everywhere in us, doesn’t it. Its energy vibration takes up residence in the lungs. It burrows in, hampering our breathing capability, but there are practices to help loosen and release its energetic hold.

Anger also carries an emotional vibration which lingers in the liver and impacts liver’s robust detoxification capability. Another common emotion, fear, finds its way into our kidneys. Each can be shaken loose.

Thoughts & Perceptions

And the Energy Connections with our thought process?  How is our clear-thinking, focus, or ability to solve challenges when emotionally or physically stressed?

How do we view life? Optimistic or less positive? Our vibration is lowered if less positive.


We also can lose the ability to hear that clear guiding force inside us. It is our original vibrational life force which we have had throughout this lifetime. Another name for it is “higher self.”

If that connection remains clear, life experiences make more sense and their lessons are easily recognized and absorbed. We continue our self-connection and evolvement by keeping a conscious connection with spirit.

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